My favourite design aesthetic is minimalistic, architectural and sophisticated, and I want my work to reflect these ideas.  My fascination with metal as a material started early, and I am continuously trying to improve my making skills with it.  As my designs are simplistic and sleek, I believe metal is the best material to complement them.  With my latest work, I have been exploring negative spaces created through repetition.  I have used the project Bye Bye Birmingham as an opportunity to say goodbye to Birmingham by focusing my research on three of its modern buildings, all in different stages of development - New Street Station, a future project, the Central Library, currently in construction, and the Bullring Selfridges, already Birmingham’s most iconic landmark.  My final pieces, however, have all been the result of exploring the shape of the Selfridges building using an approach inspired by Alvar Aalto’s glass vase designed for Iittala.  Through saying goodbye to Birmingham I have also said hello to a new scale, and created my first silversmithing pieces.  These three vases have further challenged my metal making skills in a new field of design that I wish to continue exploring in the future.